Park City Chemical - Deburring, Vibratory, and Barrel Finishing Compounds
Park City Chemical - Deburring, Vibratory, and Barrel Finishing Compounds
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Handling of Parts before and after processing could spell success or failure. Clients who ship parts for sample processing often fail to wrap them adequately and pack them carefully. As a result of transportation and handling, such parts usually arrive so deeply nicked and peened that processing is useless. On the other hand, parts carefully treated and successfully processed are sometimes ruined during and after the unloading operation by careless handling.


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All of the company's principles and practically all of the field sales force are cgenuine specialists. They helped to pioneer and systematize prcision barrel finishing, charging tumbling from loosley held individual ocncepts to a precise science. They developed modern equipment, techniques, and supplies. They formulated processing compounds which still enjoy a reputation as "classics" because of outstanding performance coupled with economy.

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