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During the past decades outstanding advances have been made in mechanical finishing. Primitive and time-consuming methods are being obsoleted and replaced with precision barrel finishing. This, in its turn, is yielding the field to the far more effective, economical, and faster precision vibratory finishing. Industry demands ever closer tolerances and better finishes at greater economy. Newer machinery, methods and materials require advanced finishing techniques.

Manufacturers of media and compounds have introduced new and improved products, meeting industry's upgraded requirements. State and nationwide anti-pollution control regulations have dictated entirely new compound formulations which exclude from their constituents, entirely or in part, phosphates, chromates, nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA), etc. Concurrent with these demands was the ever growing insistence on liquid compounds for more accurate usage and still greater economy, especially in "flow-through" processing and in fully automatic, continuous inline operations. Park City Chemical Co. has developed precision formulated compounds in both powder and liquid form meeting all of these needs.


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All of the company's principles and practically all of the field sales force are cgenuine specialists. They helped to pioneer and systematize prcision barrel finishing, charging tumbling from loosley held individual ocncepts to a precise science. They developed modern equipment, techniques, and supplies. They formulated processing compounds which still enjoy a reputation as "classics" because of outstanding performance coupled with economy.

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