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The information here following should result in better and more effective processing. Very much in evidence is the increased use of liquid finishing compounds.

Elsewhere in this site it was stated that liquid compounds are instantly active when introduced into the load, and they can be more accurately controlled. They are, moreover, indispensable in flow-through operations in batch type or continuous process where, even in minute quantity, they can be metered in with extreme accuracy. Practically all vibratory finishing equipment marketed today, whether simple batch type, automated batch type or fully automatic continuous type, is designed to permit flow-through operations. Not only is this type of processing generally more economical, but it keeps abrasive media sharp and clean throughout the processing cycle and yields cleaner work pieces. Flow-through operation usually also provides faster cut. Similar advantages are obtained with non-abrasive media in cleaning, coloring or burnishing runs where the consideration of cleanliness of both, media and work, may be still more critical.



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All of the company's principles and practically all of the field sales force are cgenuine specialists. They helped to pioneer and systematize prcision barrel finishing, charging tumbling from loosley held individual ocncepts to a precise science. They developed modern equipment, techniques, and supplies. They formulated processing compounds which still enjoy a reputation as "classics" because of outstanding performance coupled with economy.

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