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Processing Controls are many and varied. Type and size of media or media mixture, type and amount of compound, quantity of water and time cycle, all act as control factors. Rotational speed or r.p.m. in barrel finishing and frequency or v.p.m. plus amplitude in vibratory finishing are very important factors. Without observation of the critical factor of load height, however, all of the other factors may become meaningless. One often sees very poor results or even complete failures because no attention is paid to load height which can be all-important in vibratory finishing.


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All of the company's principles and practically all of the field sales force are cgenuine specialists. They helped to pioneer and systematize prcision barrel finishing, charging tumbling from loosley held individual ocncepts to a precise science. They developed modern equipment, techniques, and supplies. They formulated processing compounds which still enjoy a reputation as "classics" because of outstanding performance coupled with economy.

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