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Recirculation of liquid compounds is sometimes practiced. A word of caution may be in order here: Chemical compounds are depleted in strength during processing.

Subsequent passes cannot produce the same initial results. Filtration of the effluents before each recirculation pass will keep the liquid clean but cannot re-impart original strength. From the standpoint of continuously uniform results, recirculation will hardly warrant the expense and upkeep of the additional equipment necessary. In case of very short cycles which cannot sufficiently deplete the compound, more justification for recirculation may exist. In such circumstances, however, it would be more advisable to employ a higher dilution of the compound and thus safeguard uniformity of results.



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All of the company's principles and practically all of the field sales force are cgenuine specialists. They helped to pioneer and systematize prcision barrel finishing, charging tumbling from loosley held individual ocncepts to a precise science. They developed modern equipment, techniques, and supplies. They formulated processing compounds which still enjoy a reputation as "classics" because of outstanding performance coupled with economy.

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